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Quick IntroYour North American logistics bridge, safety, efficiency, and professionalism will help you become more competitive in the market. Focusing on customs declaration, freight forwarding, logistics integration and truck and rail transportation services for imports into the United States, Octaquake Logistics is an agent in Taiwan for business contact and customer relationship services, and 8 Loop Transport Inc., an American partner, is responsible for the actual transportation operations.
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  • Busienss class: 倉儲物流
  • Address:
    12F-G, No.2, Jhonghua 4th Rd., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
  • Email:
  • Website: https://www.octaquake.com
  • Booth: 12F-G
  • Last Modify: 2023/02/08
  • Score (0-10): 4.8

  • Wireless internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Meeting space
  • Reservation able
  • English service
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  • Freight Forwarder
    Freight Forwarder
    Your North American logistics bridge safety efficiency and professionalism will help you become more
  • USA Transport
    USA Transport
    Taking Los Angeles California as the core transportation base in the western United States we provid

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