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Cargo agent for entry into the United States

OCTAQUAKE Logistics's partner in the United States, 8LOOP TRANS INC has a long-term cooperative customs declaration and freight forwarding team in the United States. From 2022, it will further integrate the industry vertically, face customers directly, and provide one-stop import and export of goods into American, including shipping schedule, warehouse space, customs declaration, transportation, etc. solution.

Flexible bargaining space

Our advantage is to reduce costs in vertical integration, the rapid access port conditions created by the container volume and then reduce the demurrage costs of customers' containers;Reduce the compression of profit margins between industrial supply chains, thereby creating higher profits;Then, with sufficient profits, we can provide customers with more flexible bargaining space;Then bring in more customers, create more container shipments, and then maintain fast access port conditions, and the cycle goes on and on.

Role played by OCTAQUAKE Logistics

OCTAQUAKE Logistics LLC. is responsible for expanding customers and partners in Taiwan,establishing better service experience and customer relationship management, and the actual transportation business is carried out by our partner 8LOOP TRANS INC in the United States.

Cooperateinstead of competing

We sincerely invite high-quality freight forwarding companies in Taiwan to become our partners. Your team can solve the transportation needs of customers in Taiwan. Let us solve these in the United States.Whether it is freight forwarding or land truck transportation cooperation in the United States, let us create a more efficient win-win market together.

Manufacturers from Taiwan exporting to the United States

As long as you are a manufacturer exporting to the United States, Exporting to the West Coast of the United States, we are definitely your first choice. For other regions, you can consult us for price and compare them. If you have a cooperative freight forwarder in Taiwan, you can designate connect with the 8LOOP TRANS INC freight forwarder in the United States. If you do not have, We will also recommend high-quality partners in Taiwan. If you have any questions , please contact us.

High-efficiency, high-quality, and safe services are worthy of your trust and entrustment.

Let us be your transportation partner.

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