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Focus on global imports to North America, logistics integration and transportation services - North American freight forwarding, customs declaration, transportion

About OCTAQUAKE Logistics LLC.

OCTAQUAKE Logistics LLC. cooperates with the American business 8LOOP TRANS INC., authorized to expand the Taiwan market, is responsible for business contact and customer relationship establishment, and provides high-quality customer service, so as to achieve international logistics without time differences.

8LOOP TRANS INC. start in California, USA in 2020. As a professional container transportation company, it has its own transportation brand, container trucks, pallets and EUEU inland containers. Perfect and efficient full-line services makes the company's operating incom capital to grow steadily and rapidly in recent years. *(SCAC CODE: ELPA)

8LOOP TRANS INC has a long-term cooperative customs declaration and freight forwarding team. In order to solve the increased operating time and cost caused by the complex process in the current industrial supply chain, the original container transportation company was integrated, vertically integrated, and an optimized standard operating process was established to provide comprehensive logistics services in North America.

Safety and Quality

We put safety and quality first, have accumulated long-term experience in solving various emergencies in the transportation industry, and insist on sufficient insurance to provide risk control for uncontrollable factors. Pay attention to the rights and benefits of front-line employees to maintain the continuity and stability of transportation services. Legal certificates, vouchers, and assessments are all indispensable cornerstones in ensuring the safe transfer of client assets.

Development Process and Prospects

At present, the business of American Express mainly exports goods from China, accounting for about 80% of the total turnover. In response to the adjustment of the global supply chain, it plans to increase the volume of goods exported from Taiwan to North America year by year. In 2022, the short-term goal is to increase the number of export containers from Taiwan to an initial target of 200, and increase year by year. In the next stage, a 24-hour full-transit cargo status tracking and inquiry system will be established in Taiwan.

Cooperation projects

As an integrated transportation company in the United States, including customs declaration, freight forwarding, and transportation, it directly cooperates with the customer's original freight forwarder in Taiwan, or the Taiwan-side freight forwarder cooperated by our company, to deliver the customer's goods safely to the United States.

1.The owner (Taiwanese exporter) directly contacts us and cooperates with the designated export freight forwarding company to business docking with 8LOOP TRANS INC.

2.The export freight forwarding company in Taiwan or the import and export freight forwarding company in the United States cooperate with the transportation in the United States.

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