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Taking Los Angeles, California as the core transportation base in the western United States, we provide customers with transportation of goods across the United States through rail and container transportation.

Octaquake Logistics LLC.,is responsible for expanding the business in Taiwan. and the transportation service is provided by the US partner 8Loop Trans Inc.,

The fast and stable service is widely favored by major companies. At present, the main bulk customers include Amazon, Walmart, Fedex Freight, Maersk, Berlin Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSFRail), Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (DCLI), Cosco Shippingand other high-quality partners.

Fast access, reducing port congestion costs

Non-Empty container trucks can enjoy the highest priority in the access port. 8Loop Trans Inc. has sufficient trucks, container frames, and export containers, which can quickly access the port, effectively and significantly reducing the demurrage cost of customers' containers.

Most Competitive in the Western U.S.

The fleet service area covers the whole of North America. The company prioritizes deployment in major cities on the West Coast, and provides the most competitive price through efficient dispatch and scheduling.

Transportation safety is trustworthy

Taking care of employees is the protection of customers, safe driving. The drivers of the fleet all have relevant professional driving licenses. The company also implements assessments, installs satellite positioning systems, and regularly maintains vehicle equipment to reduce accidents and mistakes and ensure that customers' goods arrive at their destinations within a safe route.

Road/Rail Multiple options

You can choose to transport by container truck system or railway system according to your needs.

Container truck transportation: flexible, high-efficiency, ready-to-delivery, high timeliness of transportation, suitable for immediate or fast-demand cargo transportation.

Railway transportation: fixed schedule, large quantity, stable safety, punctuality, long distance can reduce costs.

The cost fluctuates with the market, please contact us for detailed information and quotation.

Available in all container sizes

8Loop Trans Inc. has a sufficient quantity and complete size pallet frame, providing loading 20 feet, 40 feet, 53 feet and a few special size containers to meet the needs of customers with different containers.

Container Haulage License

With most of the container haulagelicenses, it can carry containers with different labels (SCAC), and the company also has its own brand container (ELPA, limited to special customers) for customers to choose.

See details : Equiment Providers List

Full insurance

There are no absolutes in everything, and there is no fluke in being practical. Adhere to sufficient commercial insurance, pass on risks, protect customers' assets, and be prepared.

Cooperation Pattern

1.The owner (Taiwan exporter) directly contacts us and cooperates with the designated export freight forwarder to connect with us.

2.The Taiwan-side export freight forwarder or the US-side import and export freight forwarder cooperate with the transportation in the United States.

High-efficiency, high-quality, and safe services are worthy of your trust and entrustment.

Let us be your transportation partner.

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